Best Hosting Company For Beginners in 2021 – All You Have To Know In One Article

Best Hosting Company For Beginner

Over The Years , there Has always been a question of need about hosting a WordPress site or also hosting a normal site Check our review of Best Hosting Company For Beginners.

In fact ; both are pretty much similar as the key to making your site up and running and can be shown and active all around the globe is by hosting it on a server .

The choice most people get confused about is what hosting they should take .

Not only what package but also what hosting company should they go with. After all you need to pick the best Hosting company for beginners to not get to many issues with your website.

After hosting more than 300 sites and after years and years of experience in the clouding and hosting field , I am about to give you some little secrets you can only know if you worked in a reputable hosting company for years .

With this being said let me introduce you to some of the famous hosting packages pretty much every hosting company delivers :

Best Hosting Company For Beginners
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What type of hosting should I pick?

Shared Hosting : Which means you host your website with a lot of other people in the same server which also means low quality service and website speed

Private Server : Whether it is virtual or physical when you rent a Private you and only you can use it for your multiple websites .

Dedicated Server : Much similar to the Private server but a dedicated server can only be used for one site which makes your site very fast and very performing .

Prices of Hosting Plans are different from company to another and also the performance. One company I can surely advise you to use it and it’s Contabo Hosting as their support is very helpful. Their prices are low and their performance is way better than other companies that provide average hosting for high prices .

After Hosting different websites on contabo i have noticed that websites users tempt to stay longer on the website and also visit more pages as the pages load quite fast .

I have decided then to move all my websites and my clients website to their servers and the partnership with them has only brought positive impacts over my business .

Now , whenever something unplanned happens all I do is contact their support chat to take a look at it , and before you know it they have already fixed the issues and your site is correctly running again .That is why it is best hosting company for Beginners.

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